It's now more than 2 years, since my sister-in-law introduced me to these terrific gardens, located in Sydney's suburbs. It's amazing to think that there are urban councils developing such wonderful facilities for the local people, as well as the odd person from the country (like me), who happens upon them. Somewhat like finding an oasis in the desert, I reckon!

There are several sections contained in these gardens but the Japanese Garden would be the largest section. The photos begin with it. Anyway, this is intended to be a photo-narrative, so I'll try and keep the verbiage to a minimum.

Click on any image to see a much larger version. I hope you enjoy the photos!

Here's the entrance to the Japanese Garden.
Should have used the flash!

Our tour began with the Ryoan-ji style garden, in which everything has a meaning. Sorry, but I can't remember what this section represents:
One section of the Ryoan-ji style garden

This next shot is a small panorama made from 2 photos.
Large pond pano. Be sure and look at the full-size of this one!

A nice, colourful section:
Colours, with a little dappled light

Across the painted footbridge and along the track a little, we see across the pond to this:
Small waterfall

Is this a cycad? No doubt someone will correct me.......
Unknown plant

Here is possibly my best photo of the day; it was worth the visit, just for this:
Pond in the Japanese Garden in all its glory

One of the locals. The black section behind the eye is a bit of a giveaway that it's an Eastern Water Dragon:
Eastern Water Dragon
You may be interested in another photo I took of an Eastern Water Dragon. This male is in his breeding finery.

Back to Auburn...... This next image is a panorama that I made from 3 photos. It shows the water in the pond as being a different colour from previous shots. I guess it has to do with the angle of the sun.
Pond at Japanese Garden, pano

The gateway to peace and harmony. This is in the Ryoan-ji section. The little hill of white on the right represents either a mountain of specifically Mt. Fuji.
Gate in Ryoan-ji section

We had been right around the pond, so now it was time to check out the menagerie (or zoo). Photos of birds and animals follow:

Wallabies at the salad bowl

Wallaby, rear view



PeeWee - another local!

Emu. I don't often see birds as tall as myself up close. He was eyeballing me!

Who's a pretty boy, then? Dappled light makes photography difficult.

Peacock displaying - but he was facing the wrong way!

Cape Barren Geese

The Reflection Pool was the only disappointment of the day, though I think it had a lot to do with the bright sky and deep shade!
Reflection Pool

Pepper Tree, a native of Peru

An unknown bush with lovely autumn colours - and the afternoon sun peeping through!
Autumn leaves

A nice, flowering shrub, species unknown:
Unknown shrub

Just trees.......

Finally, the roses. A couple of them are a little the worse for wear but the rest are glorious, I reckon:
Red rose


My favourite

Past its best

Roses and flowering plum (I think)

A beautiful yellow rose to finish - but this isn't Texas!
I hope you have enjoyed my little 'tour' of the Auburn Botanical Gardens and Menagerie. Feel free to check out my other posts/pages.

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